In the fast-paced, competitive world of startups, cutting through the noise and getting straight to the point is essential.

Introducing the ‘No Bullshit Blogging Guide for Startups’ – your go-to resource for creating impactful content that drives real results.

Forget the fluff and filler, this guide will provide you with practical, actionable tips and strategies to build a blog for your startup that not only positions your startup as an industry leader but can generate you a ton of inbound, ready-to-buy leads.

Let’s cut through the bullsh*t and get down to business.

Jesse Locke

Jesse Locke

Founder & CEO

Meet Jesse!

Jesse Locke has been working in the world of digital marketing since he was 12 years old, building his first Angelfire website even before CSS was a thing. In the 24 years he’s spent online building digital products and services, he’s seen 100s of marketing fads and gimmicks come and go – and knows that solid, thoughtful, data-driven, marketing practices will always be “the only way to do it”.

Since his preteen glory days selling burnt CDs online (statute of limitations), Jesse has built and sold a cloud based start-up and a content marketing agency, and has helped 100s of companies around the world scale up with marketing.

Jesse once spent 6 full consecutive years travelling the world. He’s Canadian and currently lives in Medellin Colombia.

A real marketing nerd, Jesse spends his free-time geeking out about finance, history, and boxing.

This Is Why Your Startup Needs a Blog. The Benefits of Blogging for Startups

In this first part, we take a look at the data and discuss why your startup should blog, how blogging can generate leads, what types of companies don’t need a blog, and the secondary benefits of blogging.


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